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 In October 2009, The American Rag’s Frank Grace wrote that the “St. Louis Stompers…is an audience favorite….  Their musicianship is world class.  The band is noted for the tight charts that…Dave Majchrzak writes as well as their impromptu solos.  Led by Steve Lilley on cornet, this is a top-notch show-style traditional band….”
Classic 99 radio's Tom Sudholt described the Stompers as "red hot and razor sharp!"  Following the band's inaugural appearance at the Lakeside Dixiefest, festival director Rich Dean wrote "this powerful group performs early arrangements in the...style of the original bands.  They are excellent musicians, both as soloists and as an ensemble.  They were a great hit at last year's festival...."   Wayne Arihood, director of LaCrosse, Wisconsin's Great River Jazz Fest wrote "with...multi-talented musicians, this group has been burning up the festival circuit.  From traditional jazz tunes to swing, the Stompers attack each with vigor and gusto.  Musically tight, technically astounding, laced with humor, and always entertaining, they will have you calling for more.  Luckily, they have more!"
As chair of the 2009 Al Sears Jazz Festival,  I simply wanted to pass along to you and the guys what everyone has been telling me ever since your sets at last weekend's festival:  the St. Louis Stompers were fantastic!  The audience response to your sets on Saturday on the outdoor stage was at least as enthusiastic as any I have heard in the eight years we've been holding the event, and the happy afterglow that followed your sets at Sunday's gospel-jazz brunch seems to be continuing into the work week of everyone who was there--no small feat in today's stressful world!  The Stompers clearly left their mark on our community, and your appearance has already helped to generate great interest in next year's festival.

May the St. Louis Stompers' unique musicianship, energy, professionalism, humor and personality be long-lived!

William (Bill) Maakestad, Chair
2009 Al Sears Jazz Festival
Macomb, Illinois

The St. Louis Stompers Classic Jazz Band has performed at the Whitaker Music Festival here at the Missouri Botanical Garden two times in the last four years. Our summer concert series draws crowds of 5-8,000 in an outdoor setting, and this band can hold a crowd even of that size in the palm of their hands.


Their concerts are both entertaining and educational about the birth and importance of this beloved American musical genre. Their musicianship is world-class, and the sense of humor and rapport with the audience sends everyone home happy.


Best wishes,
Jim Kalkbrenner
Events Manager
Missouri Botanical Garden St. Louis, Missouri

The St. Louis Stompers Classic Jazz Band has just completed a successful engagement at the Fifteenth Suncoast Dixieland Jazz Classic and were rated amongst the top bands appearing at the event.


The band plays spirited traditional jazz with great class and showmanship. Steve Lilley as leader and emcee for the band does an excellent job of entertaining the audience as well as playing and planning a great program of music.


I highly recommend that you give consideration to this fine group of musicians for future bookings that you may be involved with presenting.


Dave Fanning

Festival Director & Chairman of the Board of Directors

Suncoast Jazz Classic